Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tiger Choir - Ghosties

   Tiger Choir - Ghosties by Noise Etc

Here's a track from Tiger Choir, who launched their debut album Unicycles on Sunday night in Hobart. "Ghosties" is the second song on the album, which features some electro indie-pop vibes held down by some summery/strummy guitar. (Is that cliché enough? I'm new to this style of blogging.) I think its fun.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mirror Talk

This space is changing.

This blog was originally called Noise & Words & Things & Shit, and at first mostly featured live reviews and CD reviews. This was all local content, focusing on musicians and bands from Hobart, Australia. This was a pretty easy task to do because I knew nobody in the Hobart music scene. I knew of them, of course, but nobody knew me. I was the shy kid in the corner with a camera or a phone.

Today, I'm still that same shy kid, but I'm no longer (or, as much of) an outsider. (I even had a nearly completed Hobart music overview/opinion article, tentatively titled 'The Perennial Outsider'.) And while this can be satisfying on a personal level, it means that this space must change. In the interest of integrity, you'll probably see less CD reviews here, simply because I won't be reviewing anything from friends. If I feel like I can't write an honest review of a band due to a conflict of interest, there won't be one (unless I can find an impartial guest writer to contribute a review). No nepotism, thanks.

If I feel like I have something genuine to offer/criticise through a live review, I have no qualms of writing these thoughts down and publishing them. But, if I skip over your band completely in a live review, its probably because I like you enough already and don't want to feel guilty for writing about my friends in the public eye. Sorry for being overly cautious. I might end up reverting this back to another informal, transparently biased blog, but we'll see how it goes.

This doesn't mean I'm giving up my boner for local music and/or certain bands. I am not adverse to featuring music, videos, previews, etc here from bands I feel conflicted about otherwise reviewing.

The plan for Noise, Etc. in 2011 is to feature much more video content (starting with buying a video camera in the next two weeks... soon), so it can serve as a space to both document and comment on the contemporary Hobart music scene. Plus, promoting local music is a given, starting with a free digital compilation in the coming months probably November or December.

I'll endeavour to publish more interviews and articles this year, too. If you're in a band and are releasing an album, touring, or just plain wanna shoot the breeze, get in touch:

For up to date news and gig info, you can now follow Noise, Etc. on both Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and if you hadn't already noticed, yeah, I've shortened the name and given it a proper URL. The old URL will still link back here, so all is good.